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The Le Vigne di Alice gift card

An idea for an original gift that is sure to please? Buy a Le Vigne di Alice gift card!

Shipping The recipient of the gift will receive the Gift Card via an email that will be sent on the specified day.

Validity The Gift Card for online purchases on this site is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment to the recipient.

Exchanges and returns The Gift Card is also subject to the rules for exchanges and returns described in the general purchase conditions.

How it works Choose the desired amount and indicate the name, surname and email address of the gift recipient. You can also add a message and your name: it will appear to the recipient in the Gift Card delivery email.

Activation The gift card is nominative so to use it the recipient must register on the site and then activate the card from his account by choosing the item "My Gift Cards". Once the card is activated, it will be possible from the same page to consult the balance at any time.

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Le Vigne di Alice

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