Le Vigne di Alice

Conditions of Purchase
All sales of wines and all other products in general offered on our website (https://shop.levignedialice.it) are regulated by these General Conditions of Purchase.
All of the products purchased on the shop.levignedialice.it website are sold directly by Le Vigne di Alice s.r.l. (hereafter "Le Vigne di Alice"), whose legal headquarters are located in Via della chiesa 20, 31029 Vittorio Veneto (province of Treviso), Italy, for purposes of taxation, and Tax Code and VAT registration is n. 03952660268, and issued share capital of Euro 30,000.00.
For additional legal information, please see the section Privacy Policy and General Conditions of Use.
Any other desired information may be requested directly from Le Vigne di Alice, by sending an e-mail to shop@levignedialice.it or by calling +39 331 749 5020.

1. Sales policies of Le Vigne di Alice

1.1 Le Vigne di Alice offers for sale wines, sparkling wines (spumanti), and other products on its proprietary website www.shop.levignedialice.it. Its electronic sales activities are addressed exclusively to its own end-users, who are customers of the legal age required by the country in which they reside for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, or of the age required by current electronic commerce regulations.

1.2 Le Vigne di Alice considers a “retail customer” to be any physical person who utilises its levignedialice.it website for purposes not related to their professional, sales, or business purposes. Should you not be such a “retail customer” or if you have any questions in that regard, please contact our Sales and Marketing Office at shop@levignedialice.it.

1.3 In accord with current legal requirements regarding purchase of wines and alcoholic beverages and with its own sales policies, Le Vigne di Alice may choose not to execute orders originating with entities or persons different from “retail customers.” Le Vigne di Alice will not sell wines or alcoholic beverages to anyone under the legal age specified by their country or origin or residence. Through utilisation of our website, shop.levignedialice.it, you guarantee that you are above the minimum legal age required by your country or origin or residence and that the person(s) who will receive the shipment from Le Vigne di Alice will be above the minimum legal age required by your country of origin or residence for such acceptance.

1.4 Le Vigne di Alice’s General Conditions of Purchase constitute the sole regulations pertaining to the offering, transmission, acceptance, purchase method, shipping, and right to return goods purchased on the https://shop.levignedialice.it website from the company of Le Vigne di Alice.

1.5 Le Vigne di Alice’s General Conditions of Purchase do not regulate the furnishing of services or sales of products by parties not related to Le Vigne di Alice but which may be present on the shop.levignedialice.it website through hypertexts, links, or banners. Before purchasing products and/or services from such entities un-related to Le Vigne di Alice, Le Vigne di Alice recommends verifying their conditions of purchase, since Le Vigne di Alice is not responsible for the furnishing of services by third parties unrelated to Le Vigne di Alice. In case of uncertainty, we invite You to contact us directly, through an e-mail to shop@levignedialice.it.

2. The Le Vigne di Alice sales contract

2.1 To execute a purchase contract of one or more products offered on levignedialice.it, the prospective Purchaser must electronically complete the order form and send it to Le Vigne di Alice via e-mail or fax, in accord with the provided instructions. The order form contains a summary of the primary sales conditions, including price, payment method, and shipping channels, in addition to the main characteristics of the ordered product and a link to the General Conditions of Purchase.

2.2 The Le Vigne di Alice sales contract is considered finalised when Le Vigne di Alice receives Your order via e-mail or fax, confirms the correctness of the information therein, and sends You a receipt of purchase, which will contain a summary of the information in Your purchase order.

2.3 Once the contract has been finalised, Le Vigne di Alice will undertake to execute Your purchase order.

2.4 For every purchase of wine or sparkling wine, and of products in general offered on the levignedialice.it website, Le Vigne di Alice, before shipping the purchase, will request that You correct any mistaken information on the form, that You carefully read the General Conditions of Purchase, including Your right to return merchandise, and that You print a copy for Your own personal reference.

2.5 The Le Vigne di Alice contract is written in Italian.

2.6 Le Vigne di Alice may reject or not execute purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or for product non-availability, or for orders that do not evidence sufficient financial support. In such cases, Le Vigne di Alice will proceed to inform You via e-mail that the contract has not been finalised and that Le Vigne di Alice has not proceed to fulfil Your order, and it will provide the pertinent reasons and suggest a possible solution.

2.7 Should any wines or products in general offered on the shop.levignedialice.it website prove no longer available at the moment when the purchase order is received, Le Vigne di Alice shall communicate promptly, or in any case within 30 days from the day following the transmittal of the order to Le Vigne di Alice, the non-availability of said wine(s) or products. If You have already transmitted the purchase order and paid the stipulated price, Le Vigne di Alice will, first, suggest one or more alternative items, either of the same or greater value to what was ordered, that might be to Your liking, or, alternatively, Le Vigne di Alice may reimburse you for what You have paid.

2.8 By transmitting via e-mail Your purchased order, You assent to accept unconditionally Le Vigne di Alice’s General Conditions of Purchase and assent to observe those Conditions in all Your relations with Le Vigne di Alice. Should You not assent to those Conditions or should You intend to accept only partially any terms of Le Vigne di Alice’s General Conditions of Purchase, we ask You to refrain from submitting a purchase order for wine(s) or other products offered for sale on the shop.levignedialice.it website.

2.9 By transmitting the Le Vigne di Alice purchase form, You are confirming recognition of and assent to the Le Vigne di Alice General Conditions of Purchase, as well as the further information included on the shop.levignedialice.it website, including any notices accessed through links, the Privacy Policy, and the General Conditions of Use.

3. Guarantees and price listings of wines and other products for sale

3.1 All of the bottles of wine(s) and in general all of the products offered by Le Vigne di Alice on its proprietary shop.levignedialice.it website are exclusively considered “premium” products and on the premium quality level. Those products are the fruit of a continuous and meticulous search and produced directly by Le Vigne di Alice or by wineries, producers, and wholesalers carefully selected for their commitment and attention to producing high-quality products and for their rigorous high-quality product monitoring. Le Vigne di Alice does not offer for sale nonstandard products or ones of a quality level lower than the corresponding standards offered on the market.

3.2 All of the information contained on the labels of the bottles offered by Le Vigne di Alice is, in accord with legal provisions, provided by and guaranteed accurate by Le Vigne di Alice. Should You have any doubt or question concerning any part of such information, please contact Le Vigne di Alice directly via e-mail at shop@levignedialice.it. Le Vigne di Alice undertakes to reply and to furnish an additional guarantee or information supplement and to communicate any irregularities to the competent legal authority.

3.3 The essential characteristics of the products offered by Le Vigne di Alice are conveyed by the relative product information sheets, visible directly on the shop.levignedialice.it website. The images and colours of the products for sale on the said website might not perfectly correspond to the actual ones, due to the particular Internet browser or monitor utilised.

3.4 The prices of the products are all inclusive of IVA/VAT. The cost of shipping, if it to be charged to the customer, is indicated separately on the purchase form and on the sales receipt. Such prices are subject to updating, and we thus invite You to always check the final listed sale price before transmitting Your purchase order.

3.5 The full range of the products offered by Le Vigne di Alice is only offered for sale in certain Countries. We ask You, therefore, to consult the list of Countries in which Le Vigne di Alice is operating at the moment of Your order, since purchase requests originating in Countries not included among the ones listed will not be accepted by Le Vigne di Alice. Le Vigne di Alice reserves the right to update periodically its Country list, and You are therefore invited to periodically verify geographic viability on the shop.levignedialice.it website.

3.6 Should merchandise be considered defective, we request that You inform us via e-mail to shop@levignedialice.it or telephone us at +39 331 749 5020, so that we can immediately ascertain a possible problem and together with You find an appropriate solution. You may return any defective merchandise to Le Vigne di Alice in its original shipping package within 10 days of receiving the shipment. Packaging and shipping expenses costs of returning the merchandise shall be at your expense, while the cost of any substituted merchandise and its shipping will be borne by Le Vigne di Alice or reimbursed to you if no longer available.

3.7 Should You decide to use Your right to return, Le Vigne di Alice has the right to refuse return and acceptance of any product that has been altered in its essential and/or quality characteristics or that has been damaged or partially consumed.

4. Customer assistance

For any information needed, or customer assistance service is available via e-mail at shop@levignedialice.it.

5. Notice regarding right of return

In accord with Legislative Decree no. 206/05, You enjoy the right of cancelling Your product purchase order, with no penalties, within 10 business days from Your reception of the merchandise in question and following written communication to Le Vigne di Alice, on the condition that you utilise the return procedures specified by Le Vigne di Alice. It is not possible, however, to substitute single bottles or types of wine, or the ordered product with another, without incurring additional costs. Our customer assistance service is always at Your disposition to attempt to resolve any problem You may have regarding Your order, so we request that You contact Le Vigne di Alice directly via e-mail to https://shop.levignedialice.it or via telephone to +39 331 749 5020. In such communication, You shall indicate the product(s) for which you intend to invoke your right of return, the purchase order number and date of transmittal, the sales receipt number, and Your bank coordinates (IBAN no.). Once You have concluded the communication, You will be asked to await a reply from our Customer Assistance Service which will authorise a return. Once You receive the authorisation, You will be able to re-send the said merchandise, delivering it to a shipping agent within 10 business days of receiving the return authorisation, providing the merchandise is whole and intact, and that You follow the method and terms agreed upon, unless You decide to not to conclude restitution of the product.

The only expenses you will incur shall be those relative to the return of the product, in accord with the provisions of Art. 5, par. 6 of Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999.

The Right of Return, in addition to prescribed observation of the terms and methods described in the preceding paragraphs 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, is understood to be correctly exercised when the following Conditions of the Right of Return are fully respected:
◼ The returned products must be substantially whole and undamaged;
◼ The returned products must be returned in their original package;
◼ iThe returned products must be shipped to Le Vigne di Alice in one single shipment. Le Vigne di Alice reserves the right to not accept bottles or products contained in a single purchase ordered to be shipped back in more than a single shipment;
◼ The expenses of merchandise return shall be borne by You, as well as responsibility in case of loss or damage to the products.
◼ Upon arrival in our warehouse, the products will be examined for any damage, since the substantial integrity of the returned item is an essential condition for exercise of the right of return; and thus we recommend the greatest care in preparing for shipping the returned product;
◼ The products cannot have been used or damaged;
◼ The right of return is restricted solely to physical persons, defined previously, in par. 1.2 as “consumers.” Excluded, therefore, are any purchases made by re-sellers, retailers, or by any party that is purchasing products for resale.
◼ The purchase form must be correctly completed and transmitted to Le Vigne di Alice within 10 business days from reception of the shipped product.

If the Right of Return is exercised in accord with the method and terms prescribed in this paragraph, Le Vigne di Alice shall reimburse any sums already processed for products purchased directly from the shop.levignedialice.it website, which will be paid to You in the shortest time possible, and in any case within 30 days of the date on which Le Vigne di Alice as made aware of Your exercise of the right of return.
The reimbursement process, specified in the following paragraph, will be initiated once Le Vigne di Alice has verified the correct execution of the above-listed conditions. Should those conditions not be observed, You will not enjoy the right be reimbursed the sum(s) already transmitted to Le Vigne di Alice or emission of Your requested credit. In such case, You will be able, at Your own expense, to have Le Vigne di Alice return to You the product(s) in question, in the condition and state in which they were received by Le Vigne di Alice. Otherwise, Le Vigne di Alice may retain said product(s), in addition to the sum(s) paid for their purchase.

6. Timeframe and methods of reimbursement

Once the product(s) has been returned, Le Vigne di Alice undertakes to evaluate it in accord with the terms of par. 7. Should such examination attain positive results, Le Vigne di Alice undertakes to send You, via electronic mail, confirmation of acceptance of the returned product.

Whatever Your method of payment may have been, Le Vigne di Alice will effect the reimbursement process in the shortest time possible, and in any case within 30 days from the date on which Le Vigne di Alice became aware of Your exercise of the right to return, as long as the right of return has been correctly executed. Should the recipient of the product(s) listed on the sales receipt be different from the person who executed payment for its purchase, Le Vigne di Alice will effect payment, in all cases, to the person who executed payment.

7. Privacy

All information relative to the retention and processing of Your personal information may be obtained by consulting the Le Vigne di Alice Privacy Policy, and we invite You to read as well our Le Vigne di Alice General Conditions of Use, since they contain important information regarding the security systems adopted on our levignedialice.it website and how we treat the information of our users.

For all information regarding our Privacy Policy, please send an e-mail request to shop@levignedialice.it or to Le Vigne di Alice’s administrative headquarters in Via della chiesa 20, 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy.

8. Applicable law and legal resolution of controversy

Le Vigne di Alice’s General Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law and, in particular, by Legislative Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005 regarding the Consumer Code, with particular reference to the regulations regarding at-distance contracts, and by Legislative Decree n. 70 of 9 April 2003 regarding aspects of electronic commerce.

Sales of products and provision of services take place in the territory of the State of Italy and are subject to currently-applicable laws of the Italian Republic. The competent legal forum for the resolution of any controversy whatever shall be that prescribed by Italian legislation in force at the moment of conclusion of a contract.

9. Updating and modifications

The Le Vigne di Alice General Conditions of Purchase are periodically modified on the basis of the evolution of its own business activities and of the market, as well as on updated and modified legislation and regulation. Every update and modification will be promptly published on our levignedialice.it website and will be considered in force from the date of publication on that website.